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Content of the master class






The master class aims to provide students the opportunity to develop their skills in a relaxed atmosphere together with three renowned musicians and university professors, and to have an exchange with the other participants. Furthermore, they will receive plenty of advice and inspiration for their own studies.

The class focuses on the assessment and the consolidation of the basics, i. e. of the technical skills. The following topics will be treated: the air flow, breathing techniques, the embouchure, the finger position and the posture. In addition, exercises in order to learn special techniques as for example the double tonguing will be shown. But the participants will discuss also the interpretation of the music of the oboe and bassoon standard repertoire.

Moreover, the master class includes an audition training. The students will not only work on the most requested audition pieces, but will also experience simulated audition situations in order to cope better with nervousness and excitement in real life auditions.

Fringe event: Exhibition of musical instruments and reed accessories

In parallel with the master class, on 17th February 2018 the internationally known German instrument maker MOOSMANN and the specialist shop for reed instruments UWE HENZE GmbH from Neuss exhibits various oboe and bassoon models which can be tried out. Furthermore, the specialized shops BONAZZA, K.GE-REEDS, BUFFET CRAMPON and ANDANTE E RONDÒ will exhibit a wide range of reeds and musical accessories for reed instruments.


14 February 2018: arrival, check in, start of class 4 p.m.
18 February 2018: end of class 1 p.m., departure


Knappensaal, Ansitz Seebegg (Music School Klausen)